Q: How do I get a mates' rate card?

A: Collect a card in store or apply online.

Q: How long before I receive my card?

A: Your card is normally sent out within 5 working days.

Q: What does the 5% get discounted off?

A: The 5% is given at anytime of the day off the following item:

  • Ripper Fruit Smoothies
  • All Hot Drought Quenchers

Q: When does the Free Hot Drink apply?

A: Every Monday to Friday after 4pm, buy a slice of cake and receive a middy hot drought quencher free.

Q: What cakes are included?

A: As we change our cakes regularly a Wallaby in store will be able to assist you. Unfortunately these items are not included fruit dampers, cheese dampers, caramel fudge slice, cookies or muffins.

Q: Is a True Blue included?

A: Yes it is

Q: Is the offer available on bank holidays?

A: Yes it is

Q: Why can I not get 5% off tropical milkshakes?

A: Boomers currently does not offer a discount on this product but may do so in the future.

Q: I do not think the discount is worth the hassle?

A: At Boomers we like to offer you a discount if you hold a mates' rate card and give it to you instantly. No need to collect points and redeem them later. Plus you never know what else you may receive unexpectedly.

Q: What do I do if I lose my card?

A: Email Canberra House at customaservo@loveboomers.com

Q: When is the Free Refill available?

A: This offer is available everyday of the week before 11am and after 3pm*

*This includes tea and Australianos only.

Q: Can I combine the offers?

A: No only one discount can be redeemed at the till at anyone time.

Q: What happens if I do not have my card?

A: Unfortunately we cannot offer you the discount without the card at the till. However if you send in your receipt to Canberra House we will load this onto your mates' rates card so you do not miss any future discounts or offers. We will not give any cash refunds.

Q: Does my card have an expiry date?

A: No