"G'day" at Dockside

Australia Day celebrations at Dockside were bigger and better than ever before with competitors, entertainment, food and drink all with an antipodean theme.

"G'day" at Dockside

The Centre was full of activities including craft workshops for children, face painting, didgeridoo players, photographers on walkabout and everyone's favourite, 'The Animal Man', who brought along numerous creepy crawlies and Australian creatures including lizards, spiders, snakes, skunks and desert Hedgehogs.

The star event of the show was an amazing car giveaway run in conjunction with Honda, which gave visitors the chance to win a car worth up to £10,000 and a quad bike worth up to £5,500.

Tracey Brooks from Boomers says, "I love the fact that Australia Day has become such a bit hit at Dockside over the past few years. It’s a huge celebration back home in Oz and it’s great that everyone here really enjoys themselves and gets a chance to experience the fun".

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